British Airways

British Airways Marketing PlanYou have been asked to develop a Marketing Plan for British Airways. Please take into consideration the following points:Marketing Plan for British AirwaysThis plan must be based on the information provided in this assignment should also use other relevant sources of information, such as: business reports, books, websites, magazines and newspapers, among other academic sources.You must use specific academic concepts (such as segmentation criteria, marketing mix, positioning, etc.) in the assignment when appropriate. The use of references throughout the assignment is highly recommended.The use of theoretical frameworks (such as: SWOT analysis, Michael Porter?s five forces, etc.) must be applied in a practical way to British Airways? situation analysis.ÿThis assignment must be divided into sections and within each section the use of numbered headings and subheadings is recommended.Marketing Plan Your marketing plan should include:a) External Analysis of the market (Macro and Micro) and Internal Analysis regarding British Airwaysb) Objectives set for British Airwaysc) Identification of Segmentation, key target audiences and brand positioning for British Airwaysd) Marketing Mix (7 Ps) for British AirwaysWord count: The report should be no more than 2,500 words (+10%).Use of appendices to detail the analysis is recommended and summarised within the report itself.ÿ The appendices are excluded from the word count.

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